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Tzofim Garin Tzabar is a unique programme that provides comprehensive services to young Jewish adults (ages 18-24)

who make Aliyah and serve in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF)

as Lone Soldiers.

Upon their arrival in Israel, Garin Tzabar participants are adopted by an Israel community (Kibbutz/city) that becomes their home away from home, throughout the duration of their army service.

 Tzofim Garin Tzabar is the only program that provides a 360° support system and framework for those who wish to join the IDF as lone soldiers before moving to Israel, before joining the army,  during and after their army service including:

Full board Accommodation assistance with Israel civil services and IDF bureaucracy, integration to Israeli society, building a family within a host community in Israel (kibbutz/Ra’anana) and crafting

a new Garin family – A Family For Life.

  • Over 5,000 proud Alumni

  • 400 participants join per year



How does it work


Acceptance to the Garin Tzabar programme involves participation in several significant preparation and screening seminars in several locations worldwide.

During the preparation process, candidates review their decision to immigrate to Israel and undergo meaningful service in the IDF, while in parallel they are reviewed by the programme team in terms of their skills, maturity and preparedness to make Aliyah to Israel and live in the programme’s binding setting.

The Absorption period, in Israel before starting the army service, includes housing and acclimatization of the members in the receiving community, intensive participation in the Garin Tzabar educational programme, including Ulpan Hebrew studies, educational tours in Israel, introduction to the structure of the military and the different positions. In parallel to the educational part, the members adapt to group life in their new home setting and undergo a shortened military screening and recruitment procedure.
Upon recruitment in the IDF, the Garin Tzabar programme continues to be a warm and supportive home for the Garin members. The Garin coordinator continues to look after of the Garin members, keeps regular contact with them, assists in solving problems that arise during military service and organises social gatherings for the Garin during weekends and holidays.

For more information about the programme please visit the

official Garin Tzabar site

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