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We have chapters in different places in western Europe


The Tzofim-Western Europe, is part of the Israeli youth movement designated for Israeli, Hebrew speaking children. The youth led movement works in western Europe since 2009 and operates 2 ‘Shvatim’(chapters): "halutz"-tzofim London" and "Shavshevet"-tzofim Amsterdam" and branches in Manchester, West hampsted, and Wimbeldon. Weekly activities are held in Hebrew, planned and executed by high school children leading kids ages 8-14.The activities are based on the Israeli Scouts values as Israel, friendship, leadership Judaism etc. An extension to this activity is Tzofikef – a weekly Hebrew “Pre Tzofim” activity for children ages 6-8.


if you whould like to explore the option of bringing tzofim to your commuinity, please contact us.


Tzofim, Israeli Scouts in the UK and London activity began in 2009. It began with a vision in mind to create a “Home away from Home” experience for Hebrew speaking children. We envisioned enhancing and nurturing their inherent Jewish and Israeli identity and reinforce their Hebrew skills. We established an informal education platform where young children and teenagers aged 6 to 18 can come, meet other Israeli children and teens like them, speak Hebrew and engage in fun and enriching activities.


It has always been our focus to create a safe and prolific atmosphere where it is the “Youth that educate other Youth” and so it is our older age groups, age 16-18 who lead the day to day regular and irregular activities. Today we have over 150 children and teens of all ages taking part in the regular activity of the London's main chapter, Shevet Halutz and it's 2 bruches in West Hampsted and Wimbledon. The activity is run once a week as well as special parties, Jewish events, scouting days and residential camps.


Shevet Halutz and its branches around London is a well known place in London’s Jewish and Israeli communities thanks to the amazing work of our leading youth, the Shachabag, as well as members from the Komuna (shinshinim) who regularly take active mentoring roles within the Tzofim activity. Each year we witness the chapter grow and become more active and successful hand in hand with it still being a “home” and its growing community being one big “family”. ,

Shevet Halutz
Shevet Shavshevet


Shevet Shavshevet first opened on 6 March 2011 and today the activities are held every Sunday in a charming nature reserve in the city of Amstelveen (adjacent to South Amsterdam). The activity is for children aged 6-18 (although quite a few parents like to join and volunteer for activities).

During the activities on Sundays, the parents can also enjoy special content for them such as Israeli movies, workshops and more as part of our parent’s club!

Apart from its active-Israeli character, one of the main characteristics of this activity lies in the fact that this is the only Hebrew-speaking youth movement in the Netherlands.

You are welcome to visit our Facebook page Shevet Shavshevet for weekly activities and special events or visit our homepage (written in Hebrew, English and Dutch!).


For any question, suggestion or experience, please send an email to


Geshem branch opened in Manchester in 2015 and since then it operates on a weekly basis on Thursdays between 17: 15-18: 45. The branch is open to Hebrew-speaking children, and its activity is built on the same values of strengthening Jewish and Israeli identity and connections.

During the year, the kids can join the Shevet Halutz in various special activities such as camps and seminars.

For more details please call us on 07464543909 or send an email:


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