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The Israeli Scouts Western Europe involves mainly two leading projects run by Israel Scouts’ Tzabar Olami – Garin Tzabar Europe and Israeli Scouts Europe (Tzofim). The Israeli Scouts (Tzofim) is the largest youth movement in Israel, which involves thousands of teenagers in Israel and around the world. Its programme gives the opportunity for every child and teenager to gain leadership skills and to integrate and take a meaningful part in the Israeli society and the Jewish communities around the world. Garin Tzabar is a programme for young Diaspora Jews and sons and doaughters of Israelis, who choose to immigrate to Israel and serve in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).

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Meet Our Staff


Garin Tzabar coordinator 

+44 208 3715286

+44 784 1536 788

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Admin and office inquiries

+44 208 3715285


Shevet Halutz coordinator-


Shevet Shavshevet coordinator-



Our Board of Directors

Mr. Eran Benyamini (Acting Chairperson)
Mrs. Manuela Rathaus-Alper
Mrs. Anat Koren
Mr. Daniel Amira
Mr. Elad Sanderovitz

We are extremely proud to work hand in hand

with and get support from the following organisations:

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