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Israeli Scouts Western Europe

A charity for educational Israeli oriented activities






Tzofim Tzabar Olami was established in 1995 by the Hebrew scouts as Its international movement.

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We believe in combining a number of elements in the long-term process, all directed at building and strengthening Jewish and Israeli identity. Throughout their personal journey, members have the experience of belonging to a group of equals in the local troop. They share with these peers an attachment to Israel and Jewish identity.  members are also exposed to a second tier, which is the world movement with Israel at its center, and lets them be part of a significant, influential Zionist enterprise. 


The overall combination of experiences completes the picture and creates the continuity that leads to an important personal bond with Israel. Members get to know Israel, make Israeli friends and become connected to Israel during the various programs in which they participate.  


We believe that working with the Israelis and Jews living in the Diaspora is a national mission, and we will continue to work to strengthen the ties between Jewish people all over the world to their homeland.

The Tzofim movement, as an educational Zionist youth movement active all over the world, has developed a sequence of activities and programs that together make up a cumulative process of building a personal connection to Israel. The movement seeks to provide its members with a spiral series of formative experiences throughout their years in Tzofim. 

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